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I am delighted to be the new President of the BOA. I’m sure those of you who were able to attend the
Congress in Birmingham would agree that it has been one of the biggest and best meetings in recent years and I would like to thank all speakers and delegates who helped make it such a fantastic occasion. Preparations are well underway for the joint meeting with EFORT being held in London in June next year, and for the 2-day meeting in Brighton in September. The programmes for both will aim to build on the energy and momentum developed in this year’s Congress.
As President, one of my main focuses is on harmonising the relationship of the Specialist Societies within the BOA in order for us to have a unified standpoint from which we can effectively influence the political agenda. This is an exciting time to be a member of the BOA and I would really encourage all members to get involved with the organisation and apply for vacancies as committee members and representatives.
Another priority is the ‘Getting It Right First Time’ project looking at the best and most cost effective way of achieving high quality orthopaedic care.
Lastly, I would like to extend my thanks to Martyn Porter for all his hard work over the past year and for his strong leadership throughout a challenging year.
Tim Briggs, RNOH
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