BOA Statement: Junior Doctors – Industrial Action

26th September 2016

The BOA is a strong supporter of both the junior doctors and the NHS. Following the recent contract consultation outcome and the junior doctors’ rejection of the terms proposed, we urged the new Chair of the JDC, the BMA and the Government urgently to return to meaningful discussions. Although relieved by the BMA’s decision to cancel the industrial action for September, October, November and December we deeply regret the Secretary of State’s decision to impose a contract on junior doctors.

Furthermore, as this dispute prolongs and as matters currently stand, there is a serious risk that many demoralised junior doctors will choose to leave the NHS in England. As a consequence, the country could potentially lose generations of hard won expertise that will be essential to the future care and well-being of patients. In the longer term, a view that the BOA espouses as being of particular importance, there is a real danger of losing the best and brightest minds from engaging in a career in medicine.

This would have devastating repercussions for the tens of thousands of people suffering from orthopaedic trauma and longer term orthopaedic conditions.

The BOA will continue to liaise with BOTA, the representative organisation of junior orthopaedic surgeons, and offer support to our junior colleagues and members in these trying times.