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Heraeus Medical
Heraeus Medical brings value to the patient, the healthcare professional and the health care system by providing solutions for the fixation of joint implants, driving infection management and by pioneering regenerative treatments for bone, cartilage and soft tissue

Orthopaedic pain should not be a lifetime sentence.
Treatments for muscoskeletal degeneration are highly specialized, costly and resources are restricted. Patients have to live with pain and loss of ability for long periods of time. Therefore Heraeus has embraced this challenge and will develop effective, proven and affordable orthobiologic solutions.

Preventing infections from the outset - trust PALACOS
PALACOS® bone cement is probably the best-known product from Heraeus and considered the Gold Standard for joint arthroplasty. For decades PALACOS® bone cement with Gentamicin allows for effective infection prophylaxis through local application of antibiotics. Recent data from the National Joint Registry (NJR) demonstrate that PALACOS® R+G has a significantly lower revision rate in comparison to all other cement brands in hip and knee replacements.

HeraeusCare® - Automates your clinical pathway
HeraeusCare® is a web-based digital solution, created to streamline hospital-patient interactions.The platform improves patient management and patient through-put, while significantly reducing time-consuming phone calls and in-person visits to doctors’ offices. To ensure patient data protection, the digital system is compliant with European Union GDPR regulations.