National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIA) 2023

The 2023 round of National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIA) will open on 3rd March 2023 and close on 28th April 2023.

The ACCIA have announced that from March 2023, the National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIA) scheme applications will no longer include rankings and citations from national nominating organisations, such as the BOA or the RCS.

The decision is based on a review of the 2022 scheme which concluded that the citation and ranking from NNOs made little difference to the overall decision making process and removing it would reduce bureaucracy, allow applicants more time to work on and submit their applications and hopefully increase the number and diversity of applications.

The ACCIA have provided some resources to support applicants which includes a recording of the recent applicant webinar. They have advised us they hope to develop further tools and checklists and pop up guidance in the forms.

We also have prepared a guidance document with advice to help you prepare.

ACCIA 2023 Guidance Document


Important Note:

Given that the awards will no longer be pensionable and, in England, at least initially it will not be possible to hold local and national awards concurrently, we strongly advise that members consider their individual circumstances carefully before applying.

The BMA have provided some helpful scenarios on their website here, with further detail on the values of National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIAs) and Local Clinical Excellence Awards in England (LCEAs) here.

BMA members can access other tools to help understand the financial impact of accepting an award.