The 39th EBJIS Annual Meeting

8:00AM 7th - 5:00PM 9th Oct 2021 Venue : GR - Ljubljana Exhibition & Convention Center, +386 (01) 300 26 00, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Non-BOA Event

The main conference theme is:

Joining forces: optimising diagnosis and management of bone and joint infections


The programme topics are:

  • Optimising antibiotic treatment of bone & joint infections
  • Optimal bone infection sampling and microbiological processing
  • Low-grade PJI – what is the best approach?
  • Musculoskeletal infections in children
  • Infections of arthroscopic implants, osteotomies and tendon reconstructions
  • Chronic osteomyelitis with good function. To treat or to live with?
  • Spinal infections
  • Fracture-related infections

Find more information on the conference website below