Training Orthopaedic Leaders

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BOA Office

Professor Phil Turner
Lisa Hadfield-Law – BOA Educational Advisor

£320 BOA members £600 non members

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

    • Create a vision of a successful goal toward which they are the leader
    • Identify key leadership skills in T&O practice
    • Maximise opportunities to develop and hone leadership skills
    • Engage in the process of leadership appropriately
    • Formulate strategies to resolve conflict
    • Manage their time and delegate more effectively
    • Map learning to revalidation and appraisal

Pre-course Preparation

Before the programme, participants will be expected to have completed a:

    1. Leadership vision – 3 minute presentation on your leadership role and what success would look like in 3 years time
    2. Personality typing questionnaire
    3. Belbin questionnaire
    4. Scoring leadership framework – essential or exemplary
    5. Piece of reflective writing eg of effective or poor leadership
    6. Pre – course reading