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24 Nov 2022

BOAST - The Management of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

24 Nov 2022

John McFall selected as world’s first person with a disability to undergo astronaut training

The BOA are delighted to congratulate John McFall on his selection as the world’...
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03 Nov 2022

Surgical hand hub – safe, efficient and sustainable

By Shamim Umarji

Orthopaedics Online
20 Oct 2022

FlySpec Zambia Celebrates its 40th Anniversary – Providing Surgical Care to Remote and Rural Zambia

By Alberto Gregori, Goran Jovic and Trish O’Connor

Orthopaedics Online
01 Sep 2022

JTO - September 2022

When I first put pen to paper as Editor, I referred to flaming June and the loca...
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Trauma Research JTO
04 Aug 2022

The medical profession needs a voice

by Iona Collins

Orthopaedics Online
02 Aug 2022

NHS launches new decision making tools for MSK

NHS England has published a suite of eight decision support tools covering varyi...
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21 Jul 2022

Improving wrist injury pathways by developing a complex intervention

By Benjamin Dean, Chris Little, Ashley Scrimshire, Amy Grove and Tim Stephens

Orthopaedics Online
07 Jul 2022

Moral injury and the Cwtch

Recently, I did something that I hadn’t done since I was an SHO nearly 30 years ...
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Orthopaedics Online
06 Jul 2022

Trainee associations provide an urgent call to action to protect the future surgical workforce

The BOA supports this important call by the trainee associations and will contin...
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