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30 Jun 2017

BOA/BHS Statement on Metal on Metal Hip Implants - Update from the MHRA

30 June 2017 - The BOA and BHS welcome the update issued by the Medicine and Hea...
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Hip Policy position statements
17 Dec 2018

BOA statement on Training and Winter Pressures

17 December 2018 - BOA Members may be aware of three statements issued in the la...
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Policy position statements
01 Feb 2014

BOAST - Management of Arterial Injuries

Arterial injuries to the extremities are rare and present a diagnostic and manag...
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06 Jan 2014

BOA strongly supports the role of women in trauma and orthopaedic surgery

6 January 2014 - The 2013 GMC report highlights that between 2007 and 2012 the n...
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Policy position statements
01 Feb 2012

BOA/BASK response on knee replacement surgery

1 February 2012 - BOA and BASK have issued a letter to the Secretary of State of...
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Knee Policy position statements
19 Jun 2014

Use of bone cement in hip replacement surgery following a hip fracture: A position statement from the BOA, BHS and OTS

19 June 2014 - The evidence that the safe use of bone cement confers clinical ad...
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Hip Policy position statements
10 Sep 2015

BOA response to NHFD Annual Report

10 September 2015 - The British Orthopaedic Association welcomes the National Hi...
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Hip Policy position statements
18 Feb 2019


Degenerative shoulder (Glenohumeral) osteoarthritis is characterised by degenera...
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Trauma Shoulder Commissioning guidance
31 Jan 2019

Orthopodcast 17 - Bullying In the Orthopaedic Workplace

Bullying in the orthopaedic workplace. How did we get here and where are we goin...
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01 Jan 2012

BOAST - Patients Sustaining a Fragility Hip Fracture

Over 70,000 hip fractures occur annually in the UK. The total cost of care is ov...
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