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24 Jun 2022

BOAST - Management of Metastatic Bone Disease

The BOA have published a Trauma BOAST (BOA Standard) on the Management of Metast...
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23 Jun 2022

Effective early management of most paediatric forearm fractures


The Transient Journal
10 Jun 2022

JTO - June 2022

Flaming June has arrived, or hopefully it will have by the time you read this, a...
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Trauma Research JTO
09 Jun 2022

2022 ABC Travelling Fellowship Blog

The Transient Journal
19 May 2022

Representation, inclusion and effecting change: Culture and Diversity at the British Hip Society

By Joanna Maggs, Jonathan Howell and Vikas Khanduja

The Transient Journal
12 May 2022

England and Wales T&O Waiting Times data for March 2022

Summary of the BOA’s viewpoint on new NHS data released 12 May 2022 on waiting t...
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Policy position statements
03 May 2022

BOAST - Management of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in the Skeletally Immature Patient

Trauma Pediatrics Knee BOASTS
03 May 2022

BOAST - The Management of Children with Acute Musculoskeletal Infection

Trauma Pediatrics
02 May 2022

BOA response to article in The Times on NICE guidelines for osteoarthritis patients

The BOA wrote a letter to the Editor of the Times in response to their article '...
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Press Releases
28 Apr 2022

Medical students’ perceptions of and experiences in trauma and orthopaedic surgery: A cross-sectional study

By Rosie Hackney, Patrick G Robinson, Andrew Hall, Gavin Brown, Andrew D Duckwor...
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