JTO December issue – Out Now!

The December edition of the Journal of Trauma and Orthopaedics (JTO) is out now!

From the Executive Editor, “Having been honoured with task of Executive Editor, I sought a guiding principle. The positive route of aiming for a commendable objective ‘Caring for patients, supporting surgeons’ was already in use. An alternative was to choose something to avoid; the surgeon’s stereotype of ‘Often wrong but never in doubt’ seemed appropriate.

As the 100th year of the BOA draws to a close, we can reflect on past glories by gazing at the sepia-toned faces on the front cover of a lineage to be proud of. The alternative is write submissions and suggestions for future editions. As the new Executive Editor I would encourage you to do both.” Read the the full issue on ‘research methodology’ here.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue and if you haven’t received a copy of the JTO in the post and would like to sign up for a free regular subscription, please email JTO@boa.ac.uk.