New BOAST Published

The BOA is pleased to launch its newest BOAST on ‘Fracture Related Infections (FRI)’. The BOA Trauma Group has produced this document, which is supported by the Orthopaedic Trauma Society and the British Limb Reconstruction Society. 

Bob Handley, Trauma Group Chair, had this to say on the new BOAST:

“When we consent a patient for operative treatment of a fracture they will always be alerted to the risk of infection. From that starting point there follows much variation. The new BOAST on FRI is a step on the path to greater consistency in our response to suspected and actual FRI. It highlights that, as part of routine care, it is our responsibility to give guidance to those who might initially suspect FRI, usually the patient or a primary carer. We then need to provide a service to respond to their suspicions in order to maximise the chance of an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management of early FRI. Furthermore, having easy access to an advice or referral pathway so that difficult, late or recurrent FRI can get the specialist treatment it merits.

In essence this BOAST sets out some steps to get the FRI patient to the right place at the right time, and to avoid missed opportunities.”

The newly designed BOAST can be found here.


Background of the BOAST: 

Co-morbidities, associated local soft tissue injury, open wounds and the use of implants all increase the vulnerability to infection of patients with surgically managed fractures. The consequences of an infection can be serious for the patient and expensive for the service. Systems for the effective prevention, detection and management of infection should be a central component of an orthopaedic trauma service.