NHS England Consultation on surgical interventions now open

4th July 2018

NHS England has today launched its consultation ‘Evidence Based Interventions’ regarding 17 surgical procedures that are suggested to be taking place too widely in the NHS and for which more restricted access is proposed. Of these interventions, 7 are orthopaedic in nature.

The consultation can be found here.

The BOA will be responding to the consultation in conjunction with the relevant specialist societies. As we prepare our response, we will primarily look to the specialist societies for input but if there are any individual members who would like to feedback to us please contact the policy team at policy@boa.ac.uk by the 7th August.

The BOA position overall is that we support the principle of ensuring that procedures are evidence-based, however, we have concerns about some of the procedures being included on this list and some of the evidence being used for these. Our primary concern is ensuring that patients are getting the care they need. The BOA appreciate your views and will update members of any further developments.