PHIN Update

We have been advised by PHIN that they have delayed the publication of consultant measures on their website. They have commented that “It was our ambition to publish a meaningful set of performance information for a minimum of 1,000 consultants by the end of July. Unfortunately there have been technological challenges with our platform and this has prevented some consultants from approving their measures, meaning that we have fallen short of our target. We take responsibility for this and apologise for the frustration which a number of consultants have experienced.”

PHIN has now extended the data validation window until the end of August to allow more time for consultants to review and sign-off their performance measures. They have reported that so far more than 500 consultants across all specialties have signed-off their measures for publication, and others have been working with their hospitals to identify and improve data quality.

From a BOA perspective, we have continued to liaise with PHIN on various aspects of their work. Any members experiencing particular issues are welcome to contact