Response to Media Reports on Sexism in Orthopaedics

Tuesday 8th January 2019

We are disappointed to read the results of the survey through ASGBI about experiences and perceptions of sexism and bullying in the T&O workplace affecting women. The BOA has been acting upon these issues for some time, and this work is continuing. We carried out our own separate exercise in 2018 to understand the day-to-day experiences within our specialty, and as the BOA we are seeking to promote positive and supportive working environments and encouraging anyone affected to speak out.

We recognise that culture change can take time. We urge all members to take 2019 as a fresh opportunity to reflect on the culture within the orthopaedic workforce, and for everyone to play their part in eradicating these behaviours where they do persist.

We would like to highlight the following work and resources:

We also highlight that the ASGBI survey also covers other issues affecting women in the surgical workforce, including what could surgery do to attract more women to the profession and what further support may be needed. We welcome this and will take note of their findings in our work on these issues.

Media coverage included: