BOA Bootcamp - enhanced induction for ST3/4

BOA Bootcamps prepare new trauma and orthopaedic trainees with the capabilities to excel during their training. Following outstanding feedback, the programme has been into two separate events:

  1. Human Factors
  2. Cadaveric Training



The Human Factors course will focus on developing professional capabilities and understanding of human factors over two days, and is open to all trainees who are ST3 at the time of booking or have been offered an ST3 position.

The Cadaveric Training course is only available for trainees (ST3 at the time of booking) who are not able to access this type of training through their deanery.   It will involve learning surgical approaches used during trauma surgery through case based discussion and practical skills learning.

Course dates and locations:

Human Factors Bootcamp - 29-30th June (Cardiff)  BOOK NOW

Cadaveric Bootcamp - 23-24th July (Newcastle) BOOK NOW

Human Factors Bootcamp - 30th September – 1st October (Manchester) bookings will open soon

Human Factors Bootcamp - 12-13th October (Newcastle) bookings will open soon

Cadaveric Bootcamp - 14-15th October (Newcastle) bookings will open soon



The cost of the Human Factors course is £100, and the cost of the Cadaveric course is £250.


Requirements for participation:

Those applying for any course must have their study leave approved in advance by their TPD. As part of your participation, the BOA will include your named AES in the action planning process and any assessments done during either programme.  We hope this will help you access the required ongoing support in your workplace.

The Cadaveric Course is only available for trainees without access to this type of training.  Applicants must identify their deanery to confirm their place.
All participants must be BOA members at the time of booking. Click here if you wish to become a member.

Participants should be ST3 at the time of booking the course.



Each participant is responsible for their own accommodation and travel costs.


Terms and conditions