BOA Ortho Update Course

The BOA Instructional Course was established to help trauma and orthopaedic (T&O) surgeons to establish strong foundations for practice and assessment. We are continuously looking for ways to improve the offering to our members and is pleased to announce the launch of the new BOA Ortho Update Course formerly the BOA Instructional Course.

The improved course gives delegates the opportunity to access new understanding and support preparation for the FRCS exam. We provide the facility for delegates to participate in Case Based Discussions (CBDs) across a range of critical condition topics, which are essential to their training, and join lectures delivered by expert clinicians.

This one day programme runs two parallel streams providing curriculum driven clinical updates and critical condition assessment opportunities aimed at all levels within Trauma and Orthopaedics.

Stream 1: Case Based Discussions (CBDs) on critical conditions. 

Stream 2: Plenary sessions including Hands, Hip and Knee, Shoulder and Elbow, Foot and Ankle, Spine and Paediatrics.

Future Date: Saturday 9th January 2021, etc.venues Manchester



Course Director:

Hiro Tanaka an established T&O surgical trainer and our educational advisor, Lisa Hadfield-Law, facilitate each course.


Participants are divided into groups of 8-9 where we offer expert feedback. ISCP Workplace Based Assessments can be completed incorporating feedback from the faculty.

Previous course participants who have made the following comments:

"The CBD sessions were excellent and involvement of all participants to contribute to the discussions was useful".

"Spinal teaching was excellent overview of a lot of topics".

"All very engaging and educational - great day and I learnt a lot".

"Diabetic foot - enthusiastic speakers, relevant material, not often covered elsewhere - good for exam".

"CBD sessions - as a junior trainee it’s useful to be mixed with senior trainees to get an idea of how to answer questions more appropriate for FRCS level".

"Excellent. I have attended this course for the last 4 years and as an overseas doctor (Australia) I found the small group interactions really useful in finding out how the specialist centres manage critical conditions which I am not really exposed to in my DGH". 

"All faculties are supportive and helpful".

"Overall excellent - thank you for your time".