UKITE 2022 Schedule

Below is the provisional scheduled date and time for UKITE 2022 for each training programme.

If your deanery does not have a scheduled date in the table below, your TPD has not informed us of their plans and you will need to contact them directly.

Please contact your TPD for any further information on your UKITE sitting. If you cannot site UKITE on your scheduled day, you may need to agree an alternative arrangement with your TPD, but you do not need to inform the UKITE team.

If you are not in a deanery you can sit UKITE at any point in the UKITE window 09th to 16th December.

Please note we expect Friday 09th December to be extremely busy and you may find longer than usual response times if you need to contact the UKITE Team by phone or email on this day. If possible, we would recommend selecting another day for your sitting.

All delegates registered for UKITE before 30th November will receive an email with further information of how to access the UKITE platform before 09th December. For more information on what to expect, please see the guide here