Coping with COVID: Medico-legal aspects of T&O care in the COVID era

Held on 27th January 2021, this ‘Coping with COVID’ webinar from the BOA was on the Medico-legal aspects of T&O care in the COVID era. Members can view the recording of the webinar at the link below.

Watch the recording

The pandemic has placed immense pressures on the NHS resulting in significant challenges to the usual way of working, including issues such as working safely, remote consultations, leadership, decision making and consent. All NHS professionals are being required to exercise their clinical judgement in unprecedented and frequently changing circumstances. This webinar looks at what happened in the first COVID-19 surge, the lessons learnt and how we can use this to support and guide our members. The talks will be followed by the opportunity for discussion and questions.


  • Bob Handley, BOA President
  • Mark Bowditch, BOA Treasurer


  • Clare Marx, Chair of the GMC, “GMC Update”
  • Bertie Leigh, Lay Trustee of the BOA and Lawyer, “What do we know about Medico-legal issues from COVID-19 wave one” 
  • Mike Kelly, BOA Trauma Committee member, President of Orthopaedic Trauma Society and T&O Surgeon at North Bristol NHS Trust, “Orthopaedic trauma care during COVID-19 surge - what are the issues”
  • John Skinner, BOA Vice President, Orthopaedic Committee member and T&O Surgeon at RNOH, “Undertaking elective surgery in the COVID-19 era - what are the issues”
  • David Warwick, Chair of Medico-legal Committee, and Hand Surgeon, University Hospital Southampton, Q&A Panel