Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA) 2022

The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) has been rebranded and reformed as the Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA).

The new National Clinical Impact Awards are open to all consultants who have completed one year or more in a consultant post and the new awards focus on national clinical impact on the care of patients in the NHS and for delivery over and above your job plan.  

Applications for 2022 will open on Wednesday 27th April 2022 and close at 5pm on Wednesday 22nd June.

If you plan to apply for an award in the 2022 ACCIA round you will need to register on the new ACCIA application portal, even if you have previously applied for an award.
At this stage, the portal is only accepting applications for new awards and will not show records of previous awards, as these data will be migrated to the portal later.

National Nominating Organisations (NNOs) and BOA support

The ACCIA have also reduced the list of accredited national nominating bodies and specialist societies. All accredited ranking organisations will now be known as national nominating organisations (NNOs). The BOA is an accredited NNO.  Each applicant can now only have one ranking and citation from one relevant NNO.
Any members who wish the BOA to consider supporting them should complete an application form and return this to [email protected] by 12:00 on Tuesday 24th May 2022.  

The 2022 application process follows a different format to previous years.  The character limit on the main form has increased to 2,000 characters and the additional forms for evidence have been removed so you only need to submit one form for scoring.  The application form and guidance notes are available from the ACCIA website. 

Clinical Impact Awards: application guidance - GOV.UK (
Clinical Impact Awards: application form - GOV.UK (
The BOA will constitute a panel seeking to ensure diversity of gender, ethnicity, geography and award and non-award holders.  We will involve the Specialist Societies in reviewing applications in their specialty to form part of the overall BOA ranking.

Key points from the guidance

When you fill in your application form, the guidance clearly states that you need to:

  • ensure all evidence is dated and explain if any activity is still ongoing (applicants are strongly encouraged to be precise about the timing of any changes in working patterns and periods of absence – perhaps due to maternity leave or ill health).
  • give clear dates for your achievements – focus on evidence from the last 5 years, what you have achieved since any prior award and how your work has progressed since gaining it.
  • make your content specific to the criteria for the relevant domain.
  • include compelling evidence of what you achieved and how you personally contributed.
  • demonstrate the outcome and results of the changes you implemented.
  • explain the wider impact on your patients, colleagues or the NHS.
  • state measurable information – such as outcome data, quote dates, source and relevant benchmarks.
  • make sure that the national or international impact your work has achieved is clear.
  • use a new line for each entry and bullet points to make information clearer and easier to read.
  • highlight the most important examples of your work focusing on its national and international impacts.

 The T&O example given (in relation to Domain 1) provides a helpful pointer:
“I have set up a short stay programme which has the lowest length of stay for hip replacements in England – 2.7 days as against the England average of 6.1 days… 67% of patients are home after 2 nights… 98.5% patient satisfaction service… readmission rate of 5.1% as compared to the regional average of 7%.  This has been communicated in xx forums and adopted as best practice standards by xx body.”
The guidance is also clear on things to avoid doing when you apply.
When you fill in your application form, make sure you:

  • do not repeat content across the different domains unless it has a specific relevance – if so, draw this out.
  • do not only describe your role or what you did – you need to show how it made a difference.
  • do not use undefined acronyms that those assessing your application may not know.
  • do not repeat information from old applications – assessors compare new and previous applications and will check for repeated information, which could affect your score.

Given that the awards will no longer be pensionable and, in England, at least initially it will not be possible to hold local and national awards concurrently, we strongly advise that members consider their individual circumstances carefully before applying.
The BMA have provided some helpful scenarios on their website here, with further detail on the values of National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIAs) and Local Clinical Excellence Awards in England (LCEAs) here.

The deadline to submit your final application to the ACCIA is 5pm on Wednesday 22nd June 2022.  As with previous years, the responsibility for the online submission of the application rests firmly with the applicant.