Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA)

Clinical Excellence Awards – advance notice

The 2020 Clinical Excellence Awards will open early February 2020.  The exact timings are yet to be decided but the application process will follow a broadly similar format to previous years. We advise you to familiarise yourself with all the ACCEA documentation on the website and more information will be provided on the BOA site in due course.

Any members who wish the BOA to consider supporting them for a national award will need to complete an application form and supplementary form(s) (as appropriate). The application, supplementary forms and guidance notes will available from the BOA website early in the New Year.

If you are considering applying for a Platinum award, the BOA is not able to put forward nominations for Platinum awards, but you can contact us for advice on seeking a nomination through the Royal Colleges of Surgeons.
All specialty associations are strictly limited in the number of citations they may give and demand typically exceeds the BOA’s allocation by a significant margin. The final BOA list of names will be forwarded by mid-March to the relevant Royal College (England or Edinburgh) who are subject to similar limitations and may also consider providing a supporting citation. Those being supported will be notified by the BOA President and should let their Trust know of their BOA support. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified by the BOA President.

Please note that the ACCEA will accept applications for new national awards and from those due to renew their award in 2020.

Surgeons are strongly advised to read the ‘Guide for National Awards Applicants’ before applying.
Tips for completion of applications include the following:

  • Use bullet points in domain entries
  • List dates (list only achievements since the last award, if applicable)
  • Do not use acronyms
  • Your job plan is a very important part of the application
  • Clearly demonstrate the impact of achievements including where achievements are over and above contractual requirements

Finally, in order to qualify for any award (including renewals) it is essential to provide clear evidence of achievement against the criteria on the application form. This evidence must cover the relevant time scales.

By way of a reminder the domains are to:

  • Deliver patient services which are safe, have measurably effective clinical outcomes and provide a good experience for patients
  • Have significantly improved quality of care and the clinical effectiveness of their local service or related clinical service broadly within the NHS
  • Have made an outstanding leadership contribution
  • Have made innovations or contributed to research, or the evidence/evaluative base for quality
  • Have delivered high quality teaching and training which may include the introduction of innovative ideas.

There are some important points to note when applying:

  • The forms on our website should not be sent directly to ACCEA, but only to us. You will also need to submit a self-nomination form on-line, direct to ACCEA (please note, at present, the ACCEA website has not been updated for the 2020 process).
  • Anyone applying to us should apply separately to their College (where applicable): if you feature on our ranked list but have not applied directly to the College, then we cannot put you forward for consideration by them.
  • If you are applying for a Bronze or Silver award, only one of the supplementary forms D (Research and Innovation), E (Teaching and Training) or F (Leadership and Management) may be submitted. If applying for a Gold award, two forms may be submitted. ACCEA does not invite Platinum citations from specialty associations as these applications are dealt with at College and ACCEA level; however, we can and will make informal recommendations to the Presidents of the Royal Medical Colleges where appropriate.