Training and Education

In 1925, Sir Robert Jones said that training needs to be ‘sufficiently comprehensive to enable one to appreciate the scientific basis of any new advance and to maintain a technical facility to traverse any fresh operative avenue’.

Today, we develop and revise the T&O Curriculum work for the GMC and set standards for its delivery and for many other areas of our practice.

We offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for revalidation that allows all members to continue their Professional Development:

  • UKITE, a national, online examination providing immediate results to trainees and allows practice for the ‘real’ FRCS T&O examination
  • Instructional Course for Trainees to prepare for the FRCS examination
  • Improved Bone & Joint Journal (BJJ), subscriptions and educational content for Higher Surgical Trainees
  • Working with DoH to deliver minimum standards of core training
  • Delivering standards for training posts in collaboration with JCST to assist in assessing quality of posts
  • Plaster Casting Courses to obtain a Diploma with Glasgow Clyde University

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