Patient Standards & Expectation Papers

Welcome to the section of the Patient Liaison Group’s web page where you will find “Patient Expectations” for a variety of orthopaedic conditions, as well as a paper on our responsibilities as orthopaedic patients. Here are, also, papers that the Group has written over the years on accessing healthcare, preventing blood clots, wound care and hygiene, and a range of other issues.

We make every effort to keep these papers up to date and relevant, and they are all written and updated by our lay members, with considerable help and support from our clinical colleagues. Before they are put on the web they are also scrutinised by senior members of the British Orthopaedic Association, and accepted as a standard to which all BOA members should aspire.

We have been very fortunate that a number of our members have undergone the procedures and have a wide range of experiences. This has proven particularly valuable when we composed the paper about transitioning from a paediatric to an adult hospital environment.

Please feel free to read through what’s here and download any paper you feel might help you. You are also very welcome to write to us and share your experiences, and do let us know which of our papers you have found particularly helpful! More papers are being written – so please feel free to return to our page whenever you like!