PLG Journal Articles

Welcome to the section of the Patient Liaison Group’s web page where you will find an archive of the articles that the PLG has contributed to the British Orthopaedic Association’s own journal, The Journal of Trauma and Orthopaedics (formerly BON).

Please feel free to read through what’s here and download any papers of interest. You are also very welcome to write to us and share your experiences, and do let us know which of our articles you have found particularly helpful/interesting!

30 Jun 2016

The Bone and Joint Decade

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30 Sep 2015

Supporting a patient taken to a Major Trauma Centre

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30 Aug 2014

Patient Safety

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30 Jan 2014

PMI and the Orthopaedic Patient

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30 Sep 2013

A Parent’s and Young Adult’s Perspective on a Long-Term Patient’s Experience

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30 Jun 2013

The role of the BOA Patient Liaison Group and how surgeons benefit

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30 Jun 2012

Undue interference in clinical decisions by private medical insurance companies?

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