PLG Terms of Reference

1. Name
The group shall be called the British Orthopaedic Association Patient Liaison Group (BOA PLG).

2. Remit
The Patient Liaison Group will be committed to achieving improvements for patients requiring treatment for orthopaedic conditions and trauma. It will be dedicated to nurturing a constructive dialogue between surgeons and patients, so that each may better understand the needs of the other.

3. Aims and Objectives
i. To support and provide a resource for the BOA to deliver a professional service that meets the needs and aspirations of patients requiring treatment for orthopaedic conditions and trauma.

ii. To communicate areas of patient concern to the BOA Council, and to respond to requests for comment from the Council or its Committees.

iii. To comment on and create reports on issues that impact on Orthopaedic patients.

4. Membership
There shall be up to eleven members, eight non-medical (lay) and three medical, including the officers. There may be a varying number of corresponding members, who correspond primarily by e-mail. The CEO and Deputy CEO will have a standing invitation to attend all PLG Meetings. The President of the BOA is an ex-officio member of all committees.

5. Appointment of Non-Medical Members
Places on the PLG will be advertised for the non-medical (“lay”) members and following an interview successful applicants will be invited join the Group. The interview panel will consist of the Chair, Vice-chair and either the CEO or Deputy CEO. The BOA Council reserve the right to veto an appointment. Reserve appointments may be made to fill vacancies as they arise: such appointees may be asked to join the Corresponding Group in the interim. All lay members, whilst bringing considerable experience to the PLG, must act as individuals and not on behalf of outside organisations.

6. Appointment of Medical members
Interested members of the BOA will be asked to submit an application and successful applicants will be invited to join the Group. Of the three medical members, at least one will be a Member of Council of the British Orthopaedic Association. The Vice-chair will be nominated by Council from those Council members.

7. Terms of Office:
7.1: The Chair and Vice-chair will hold office for three years, beginning at the first meeting of a year. The Chair will be elected from amongst the lay members by ballot at the final meeting of the previous three year term. The vice-chair will be nominated by Council for a similar period, but staggered by one year. The Chair will be invited to attend Council as an ex-officio member.

7.2: Members may serve for three years with the option of extending the appointment for a further one or two years except that the Chair who should be able to complete their maximum term of office if so elected. At the completion of a term of office or membership, a year must elapse before that person becomes eligible for re-election. All lay-members who step down from attending regular meetings may elect to stay on as corresponding members.
The Corresponding Membership may be formed from retired attending members, appointees-in-waiting, members whose circumstances change making it impractical to attend meetings and members for whom the travel to the BOA Offices is not a practical option. All corresponding members may attend meetings and are eligible to become an attending member should their circumstances permit.

7.3: Commitment: Failure to attend three successive meetings without apologies may lead to exclusion from the PLG.
Corresponding members in accepting their appointment commit to partaking in as many discussions as possible, in line with their interests and experiences. Failure to be in contact with the PLG for a period greater than six months may lead to the PLG seeking their exclusion from the Group.
Before any exclusion process is initiated the PLG will endeavour to contact the member by mail, telephone or email.
Members may only be removed by: 1) a majority vote of the PLG, subject to confirmation by Council, and 2) the Council itself if they deem it appropriate.

7.4: Confidentiality: All issues discussed in PLG meetings, any other BOA meetings to which a member may be invited, and all communications are not to be discussed outside the PLG/BOA unless otherwise advised.

8. Meetings
There shall be a minimum of three meetings in each year, not including working parties or conferences. Meetings will normally be held at the BOA offices. It may occasionally be necessary for the PLG to hold telephone conferences.

9. Accountability
The PLG will report to and be accountable to the Council of the British Orthopaedic Association. No member of the group is authorised to act as a spokesperson for the BOA without prior authorisation.

10. Annual Review
The PLG must provide an annual report of its activities during the last calendar year with proposals for the following year. Council will review the annual report. This report will be posted on the PLG’s web page

11. Expenses
Travel and subsistence costs for members of the PLG will be met in accordance with the usual Association procedures. No other costs are payable.