Training and Education

07 Jul 2021

National Selection to T&O ST3 posts in England 2020 & 2021

By Mark AA Crowther

The Transient Journal
03 Dec 2020

Overcoming the recruitment shortfall in orthopaedic surgery

By Haseem Raja

The Transient Journal
07 May 2020

Virtual learning for SHOs – a further area to develop?

By Philip Beak

The Transient Journal
20 Apr 2020

Training in Orthopaedics: The Show Must Go On

By Morgan Bailey, Sabina Barbur, Daniel Cadoux-Hudson, Rishi Das and Daniel Mars...
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The Transient Journal
14 Apr 2020

Virtual arthroplasty training during the COVID-19 era: Is this the way forward?

by Mazin Ibrahim and Andrew Poole

The Transient Journal