Regional Advisers

BOA Regional Advisers act as the RCS England’s Specialty Professional Advisers. Within the BOA, they are responsible for leading on Commissioning within their regions. They do this by engaging with Clinical Commissioning Groups, and by appointing ‘Clinical Champions‘. They also maintain a broader perspective on professional issues affecting T&O surgery, so as to support local T&O surgeons.

To view the BOA Clinical Champions page please see here.

The BOA is currently recruiting for BOA Regional Advisers/RCSeng Regional Specialty Professional Advisers. If you would like more information please contact or call 020 7406 1769.

The regions with a vacancy are:

  • South West
  • Wales (North)
  • London (North West)
  • Yorkshire and The Humber (South)
  • South Central (South)

Regional Adviser Map

Please click on the regions below to view the Regional Advisers.