Private Practice

A number of our members work in private practice in combination with their NHS commitments. Many of the issues they face in private practice are similar to those experienced in the NHS. We work closely with the Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations (FIPO), the British Medical Association (BMA) and Private Medical Insurers:


The BMA provide extensive guidance on independent practice which can be found on their website.


FIPO is a medical organisation representing the majority of the medical professional organisations in Britain that have private practice committees.

FIPO was formed in 2000 to provide an overarching body for the many specialist and other medical committees acting on behalf of the profession in the independent sector. It provides guidance, policies and co-ordination to these medical organisations.

FIPO seeks to work constructively with all independent hospital providers and the private medical insurance industry and hopefully together to advance the cause of independent healthcare. It also acts to preserve and promote the highest standards of clinical care, reflecting FIPO’s concern to put the patient first.

A member of the BOA’s Council attends FIPO Board meetings and regularly reports back to the Council on relevant matters.

Private Medical Insurers

Many BOA members in Private Practice are concerned about developments in the private healthcare market place and the actions of some private medical insurers. We have remained engaged with industry on these issues and have responded to the Competition Commission’s consultations as relevant.