Journal of Trauma & Orthopaedics – Vol 2 Issue 3

In this issue we have focused on patient safety.  At the recent London EFORT/BOA meeting, David Stanley presented “Today’s Challenges in Patient Safety” as his Sir Robert Jones Memorial Lecture, we enclose a summary of his excellent presentation on page 20.  John Machin and Prof Tim Briggs present an extensive overview of litigation as it affects orthopaedics in the NHS on page 39.  We have taken these two key articles as our theme and various Specialist Societies have added detail in the more specific areas of their practice.  Generic issues relating to infection and consent are also covered.  Nick Welch (Chair of the BOA Patient Liaison Group) gives us his view on patient safety, reminding us that care and safety is a culture not a tick box process (and the theme for the cover!).

We heard from our president, Prof Tim Briggs, on the “Getting it Right First Time” (GIRFT) initiative in the last edition.  John Nolan from Norwich gives us his perspective of GIRFT following a recent visit from Prof Briggs (page 21).

The Trainee section this issue is written by its current Editor, Jeya Palan about the Shape of Training Report (SHoT) from a trainee’s viewpoint (page 22).  More of this at our Brighton meeting.

We have introduced a “How I Do…” piece, which can be found on page 56.  This is the first of a series of these articles submitted by members of the Orthopaedic Trauma Society (OTS).

We also pay tribute to a really nice man and Past President of the BOA; Tony Ratliff who encompassed all the ideals we ascribe to (page 60).

Alongside these articles you will find many news updates from the BOA and beyond.

Colin Howie – BOA Vice President