Journal of Trauma & Orthopaedics – Vol 4 Issue 3

From the Editor

So, two years as JTO Editor have flown by, as I step into my presidential role, Phil Turner will take over and continue, I am sure, to move things ever onwards and upwards.

I have to say a huge thank you to Lauren, Emma and the two deputies I have had – Ananda, and now Fred. It is true they do all the hard editorial work, but really it is the contributors who put in the hours and give us the opportunity to discuss very publicly so many issues that need to get into black and white. We have a great relationship with our publishers and we are exploring the potential for a JTO app. This will give us an opportunity to reach a wider audience and make the JTO more accessible for our current membership. You only have to look at the range of subjects discussed in this issue and in particular look at the sections on innovation (pages 34-35 and pages 56-67) to see that we as a profession are fully engaged with driving our professional lives and patient care forward.

Focusing on the future does challenge us to consider what innovations are going to be made that will change our clinical care over future years. A major issue is how innovation and change can be controlled but not inhibited; it will be the biggest question over the next few years, this will take leadership. Trying to develop leaders for the future is clearly something the BOA has taken on board. It is so much better to develop leaders taking into account their natural talents than to let Napoleonic diminutive rotund megalomaniacs take over…

Finally, we have letter (page 20)! The caption competition winner (page 17) was for me a special moment as I have been mistaken for Des Lynam on many occasions which just helps to reinforce my belief that despite all the evidence to the contrary I am 6ft. 4in tall (see above).

Ian Winson – BOA Vice President