Journal of Trauma & Orthopaedics – Vol 6 / Issue 4

From the Executive Editor

Having been honoured with task of Executive Editor, I sought a guiding principle. The positive route of aiming for a commendable objective “Caring for patients, supporting surgeons” was already in use. An alternative was to choose something to avoid; the surgeon’s stereotype of “Often wrong but never in doubt” seemed appropriate.

Our Medico-Legal Feature article – ‘Evolution of the objective-subjective test for material risk in consent’ by Simon Britten explores an area of importance to us all, both in our clinical duties and medico-legal work. Our duties and responsibilities have evolved as consequence of legal judgements relating to consent, which have presented some answers but also some problems. I would also like to thank Mike Foy, for whom this is the last appearance as Medic-Legal Editor of the JTO.

Having stated the objective of dispelling a negative stereotype it may seem strange to include ‘Life Outside of the Ring’ by Tom Carter describing his parallel interests Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery and Boxing. However, the article does just that, exploring the positive side of a medically maligned sport. The article is a theme we aim to pursue, and we would welcome further submissions on interests away from the operating theatre.

Custom, opinion and preference are clearly factors important in guiding our practice, particularly as we approach an individual patient. These may be challenged by research, standardisation and cost. The Subspecialty section provocatively pursues these points in looking at how we respond to data, research and health economics, particularly when our prejudices are challenged.

There are some external pressures we cannot avoid, and as this issue comes out Winter will no doubt be manifesting itself not just as a picture postcard backdrop but as coverall term for lack of resource in health provision. The “pressures” do not only affect patient care but training too; the BOTA collaborative describe both the nature of this problem and goes further to suggest ways of mitigating the adverse effects.

As the 100th year of the BOA draws to a close, we can reflect on past glories by gazing at the sepia-toned faces on the front cover of a lineage to be proud of. The alternative is write submissions and suggestions for future editions. As the new Executive Editor I would encourage you to do both.

Bob Handley, Vice President Elect

Subspecialty Section

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Big data – what it does, and what it doesn’t…

Orthopaedic surgeons must be ignorant, biased or immoral if research doesn’t change their practice

The Price to Pay...

Reference Lists

Please find below the reference lists for features in this issue.

The Effects of ‘Winter Pressures’ on Trauma & Orthopaedic Training

The Fate of Abstracts Presented at the Welsh Orthopaedic Registrars Day Orthopaedic Meetings

Use of Interpreters in Orthopaedics

Evolution of the Objective-Subjective Test for Material Risk in Consent

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