Thinking of the future? Leave a legacy

Since my original injury was caused by dancing in high heels when I was 40, I am just so grateful to the team and research you have done, which has allowed me to have a life again.


A pair of artificial hips is life-transforming and apart from being able to swim, cycle and dance again, I am more use in my community and able to make a contribution.


Whether you’re someone who is suffering from a musculoskeletal disorder or whether your life’s work is helping those who are suffering; you can really make a difference.

Once you have considered your immediate friends and family; please consider leaving a life-changing gift to Joint Action (the orthopaedic research appeal of the BOA).

No one likes to think about their own passing, but just a short time spent talking to a solicitor or professional Will writer and sorting out your affairs will safeguard your family’s future. By writing a Will you can decide how your estate is divided between loved ones, and if you wish you can leave part of your estate to a charity.

Remembering a charity in your Will is simple. The document below provides you with an easy step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about leaving a legacy to Joint Action.