The Medical Research Council (MRC)

Over the next five years the Medical Research Council (MRC) aims to support medical research which increases the pace of the transition to better health. They will achieve this through four strategic aims:

  1. Picking research that delivers: Setting research priorities which are most likely to deliver improved health outcomes.
  2. Research to people: Bringing the benefits of excellent research to all sections of society.
  3. Going global: Accelerating progress in international health research.
  4. Supporting scientists: Sustaining a robust and flourishing environment for world-class medical research.

The MRC has identified two research priority themes:

Resilience, repair and replacement
Natural protection
Tissue disease and degeneration
Mental health and wellbeing
Repair and replacement

Living a long and healthy life
Genetics and disease
Life course perspective
Lifestyles affecting health
Environment and health

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