BOA response to NHFD Annual Report

10 Sep 2015

Latest NHFD report reveals 4,000 NHS beds are occupied by hip fracture patients

The British Orthopaedic Association welcomes the National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) report released today. We fully support the continued focus on the efficiency of care to raise standards and restore patients’ independence.

The report indicates that more patients are now receiving surgery on their first or second day in hospital: however, we are concerned that the report highlights unacceptable variation, where different units are reporting figures ranging from 14.7% to 95.3. Overall standards are getting better and patient outcomes have shown continued year on year improvement. But there is no scope for complacency: we must encourage full uptake of the report’s recommendations by all in order to improve standards of care.

The BOA plays an active and important role supporting the NHFD, by undertaking multidisciplinary reviews of hospitals with poorer results. These reviews have led to units turning around their performance and with significant improvement in outcomes.

Please view the NHFD Annual Report and press release here:


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