How do I apply?

How do I apply?

If you are eligible and decide to apply, you must complete an application form, and provide a CV and letter of support from your Training Programme Director. For SAS surgeons please obtain a letter of support from your clinical director. Application forms can be found and downloaded on the BOA website – please ensure you read these instructions carefully, along with the 2018 terms and conditions for fellowships.

There are two versions of the application form, but any BOA Home Associate or SAS surgeon should only complete one – depending on the nature of their application, as explained in the next section.

Please note that preference will be given to applicants who have specific plans for the use of the award i.e. to visit a centre of excellence to develop their knowledge or to further a research project. Awards will not be made to ‘top up’ funding already obtained from other sources.

BOA Travelling Fellowships available

BOA candidates may apply for a variety of fellowships, with values between £1,500 and £10,000 – full details can be found below. Some are defined, for example, focusing on spinal surgery or reconstructive orthopaedics, while others are unspecified and candidates can apply according to their own areas of interest. It is important that you consider carefully which fellowship(s) you wish to apply for, as this will determine which application form you need to complete.

If you are interested in one or more of the Defined fellowships, you must complete application form A; the Defined fellowship(s) will be treated as your first choice fellowship. If you are unsuccessful in this/these, but your application ranks highly enough you will automatically be entered for the General fellowship(s) that are at the same or similar value.

If you are not applying for one of the Defined fellowships and therefore are only applying for a general fellowship, please complete application form B.

The defined and general fellowships are as listed below (subject to funding).

Applications for 2018 are now open!
Please note the deadline for this years applications is Friday 27th October 2017.

Defined fellowships:

BOA Soli Lam Spinal Fellowship x 1 @ £10,000
BOA Zimmer Fellowships – Adult Reconstructive in Hips and Kneesx 4 @ €3,000
BOA Zimmer Fellowship – Trauma​x 1 @ €3,000
BOA Zimmer Fellowship – Adult Reconstructive Extremitiesx 1 @ €3,000
BOA Zimmer/Passage to India Fellowships x 2 @ €1,500
Andrew Sprowson Fellowship – Management of infectionx 1 @ £1,500

General fellowships:

BOA European Travelling Fellowshipx 2 @ £1,500
BOA Travelling Fellowshipsx 2 @ £5,000
Ram Kumar Chatterjee Travelling Fellowshipsx 1 @ £3,000
Soli Lam General Fellowshipx 1 @£3,000
Singhal Travelling Fellowshipx 1 @ £1,500