Postgraduate Schools of Surgery

Schools of Surgery have been created nationally within each Postgraduate Deanery in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and the Surgery Specialty Training Board (SSTB) within NHS Education for Scotland. The School of Surgery oversees all aspects of training in the nine recognised surgical specialties. The School’s core function is to co-ordinate the educational, organisational and quality management activities of surgical training programmes.

They ensure the implementation of curricula and assessment methodologies with associated training requirements for educational supervision. They also provide both core and specialist training to ensure those exiting the training programme have all of the knowledge and skills required for professional practice as a consultant.

The School draws together the representatives and resources of Deaneries/SSTB, Colleges, Trusts and NHS service delivery and other relevant providers of training and stakeholders in postgraduate medical education. To carry out its core functions, each School has established a Board and key committees, although precise structures may differ across the UK.

The School is led by the Head of School, a joint Deanery-College appointment and this is a key strategic and management role. The Head of School is supported by a range of roles, which would normally include Programme Director, Surgical Tutor, Assigned Educational Supervisor, College Coordinator and College Council Member. More information can be found here.