Wellbeing - External support lines and resources available

As part of the our commitment to the NHS England Sexual Safety Charter the BOA has signposted the following support lines and resources:




CBS Surgical Advisory Service - support line

Confidential, impartial helpline.
The Surgical Advisory Scheme had been established by Confederation of British Surgery (CBS) to assist and advise surgeons.

For advice and assistance, please call: 07498 322935 or email: [email protected]



RCS England Confidential Support and Advice Service (CSAS)

If you are experiencing problems in your work or personal life and would like confidential support and advice from a trained counsellor please call the helpline* on 0800 028 0199. Advice is available 24/7.




BMA wellbeing 

The BMA’s wellbeing services include a range of free and confidential services and information to help support doctors and medical students.