Leave a Gift in your Will

Why Consider leaving a gift to Joint Action

In these challenging times, research into Trauma and Orthopaedics has never been more important. Once you have considered your immediate family and friends; please consider leaving a gift to Joint Action. Musculoskeletal problems impact all sectors of society from children to the elderly. Your donations would support the development of UK clinical trials in Trauma and Orthopaedics. Leaving a gift in your Will is a great way for you to make a difference in the future.

What kind of gift can I leave to Joint Action?

There are 3 main types of gift you can leave in your will:

A Residuary Gift

This is a percentage of your estate once any specified gifts have been made to friends and family. This provides supporters with more flexibility when deciding how to ensure that their loved ones are well looked after first and foremost.

A Pecuniary Gift

The gift of a specific sum of money. The value of this type of legacy will decrease over time, however, it is possible to Index-Link the sum of money to preserve its value despite inflation.

A Specific Gift

This type of gift is of a specified item – such as a personal possession, land, buildings or stocks and shares.


I want to make a will  



1: Find a solicitor
You can find a solicitor who can help draw up your will on the Law Society website. They can provide details of solicitors in your area, including those who specialise in wills. We always recommend that your will is drafted by a qualified professional such as a solicitor.

2: Choose what kind of gift you'd like to leave to Joint Action 
A gift in your will is a very special way to let your kindness live on, and could make a huge difference to older people's lives, now and in the future.

  1. A Residuary Gift

  2. A Pecuniary Gift

  3. A Specific Gift

3: Let us know your intentions
If you're leaving a gift to Joint Action – thank you so much. Whatever the size of your gift, it could make an enormous difference to vital research into musculoskeletal conditions, transforming lives and giving people back their freedom and independence. 

Let us know

I want to amend my will



If you already have a will and you want to include a gift to Joint Action (sometimes called a legacy), there may not be any need to rewrite it.

You can ask a qualified professional such as a solicitor to add an amendment – this is called a codicil. As a general rule, if the change you wish to make is quite small or simple, you can use a codicil, and if the change is more significant or complex you should make a new will. 

You can find a solicitor on the Law Society website who can provide details of solicitors in your area. 


Our Charity Details

To include us in your Will you will need to specify the following:

  • the amount you would like to leave us 
  • our full name - Joint Action
  • our address - 38-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3PE
  • our Registered Charity Number - 1066994

Thank you for thinking about leaving a legacy to BOA Research, Joint Action. If you have included us in your Will we would be grateful if you could let us know by emailing us at [email protected] or clicking the button below. 

Let us know


Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month - Free Wills Month begins on 1st March 2024 and brings together a group of well-respected charities to offer members of the public aged 55 and over the opportunity to have their simple Wills written or updated free of charge by using solicitors in selected locations across the UK