Fellowships & Awards

The BOA is proud to offer a variety of prestigious Fellowships and Awards.

Please find below all the opportunities the BOA has to offer and when each will be open to applicants.

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SAS Education Fellowship image

SAS Education Fellowship

We are delighted to announce a new SAS Education Fellowship of £3,000 Fellowship for an SAS or LED member for a project of up to 12 months

BOA Travelling Fellowships image

BOA Travelling Fellowships

Every year, the BOA offers a number of Travelling Fellowships to its members. These fellowships offer a unique opportunity to visit overseas centres of excellence to gain knowledge, experience and a different cultural perspective within trauma and orthopaedic surgery. Applications are open from 11th September to 23rd October 2023 with Award decisions expected December 2023.

American-British-Canadian (ABC) Travelling Fellowship image

American-British-Canadian (ABC) Travelling Fellowship

Applications are invited from members of the British Orthopaedic Association to take part in the ‘American/British/Canadian’ tour of North America and Canada. This prestigious 5-week fellowship is open to applicants who have been an appointed consultant for less than 10 complete years. Four BOA-nominated fellows participate alongside one each from South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Austria, Switzerland and Germany (ASG) Travelling Fellowship  image

Austria, Switzerland and Germany (ASG) Travelling Fellowship

The Fellowship promotes international travel for the exchange of medical ideas with a tour of Austria, Switzerland and Germany together with Fellows from the American and Canadian Orthopaedic Association.

Research Fellowships image

Research Fellowships

The BOA & Orthopaedic Research UK (ORUK) are pleased to announce the third cycle of our joint research fellowship is now open for applications.

BOA Future Leaders Programme image

BOA Future Leaders Programme

The BOA’s vision for the Future Leaders Programme is to create an alumni of leaders with the skills and knowledge to improve the delivery of clinical care and to influence positive change within the profession. This 12-month programme will support 30 T&O surgeons with the passion to be future leaders within their specialty and equip them with the advanced leadership skills necessary to excel. Applications are open from 14th June and close 6th September.

Medical Student Prize image

Medical Student Prize

Medical students from the UK and Republic of Ireland are invited to submit an written work, no longer than 1000 words, set by the BOA Education and Careers Committee. The 2024 Medical Student Prize will be open for submissions 1st-28th February.

Robert Jones Medal and Association Prize image

Robert Jones Medal and Association Prize

The BOA offers a prize of £500 and a gold medal in memory of Sir Robert Jones through an annual essay competition, in which BOA members can submit an essay on a subject of orthopaedic interest. The Robert Jones Medal and Association Prize opens for submissions each year on 1st January and closes 31st January.

Specialist Society Fellowships image

Specialist Society Fellowships

This page is dedicated to the Fellowships currently open for applications by BOA-affiliated Specialist Societies.