Robert Jones Medal and Association Prize

Applications can be submitted between 1st and 31st January 2023.

The BOA offers a prize of £500 and a gold medal in memory of Sir Robert Jones through an annual essay competition, in which BOA members can submit an essay on a subject of orthopaedic interest. The essay is to be submitted in the following format:

  • Typewritten in English, not exceeding 3,000 words, (excluding references), do not put your name on the essay – all must be anonymised when reviewed by the President.

E-mail the essay to Celia Jones, PA to President & COO at [email protected].

Please note: No award will be made unless a sufficient standard is achieved. The award is made by the President, with advice from such assessors as they may select. Exceptionally, in outstanding cases, more than one prize may be awarded. All awards will be formally presented at the BOA Congress in September and recorded in the Annual Report.