Robert Jones Medal and Association Prize

Applications for the 2024 Robert Jones Medal opened on the 1st January 2024 and closed on 19th February 2024.

The BOA offers a prize of £500 and a gold medal in memory of Sir Robert Jones through an annual essay competition, in which BOA members can submit an essay on a subject of orthopaedic interest. The essay is to be submitted in the following format:

  • Typewritten in English, not exceeding 3,000 words, (excluding references), do not put your name on the essay – all submissions must be anonymised when reviewed by the President.

E-mail the essay to Celia Jones, PA to President & COO at [email protected].

Please note: No award will be made unless a sufficient standard is achieved. The award is made by the President, with advice from such assessors as they may select. Exceptionally, in outstanding cases, more than one prize may be awarded. All awards will be formally presented at the BOA Congress in September and recorded in the Annual Report.

Winners of Robert Jones Gold Medal and Association Prize
Year Name Title
2023 H Cattermole Generalism and orthopaedics
2022 K Vaghela Non-technical skills and orthopaedic surgery: Beyond the eyes of a hawk, heart of a lion and hands of a lady
2021 D Bose The orthopaedic ostrich: Surgeons responses to complications
2020 D Metcalfe Advice not orders? The evolving legal status of clinical guidelines
2019 P Page Shaping orthopaedic care in post-truth Britain – best foot forward or a step into the abyss?
2018 L Mason The evolution of the human foot and its relation to foot and ankle dysfunction
2017 N Smith Meniscectomy in a young patient - Is meniscal allograft transplantation to answer?
2014 A Wainwright A good pair of hands
2013 J R Panchmatia From trenches to theatre: What modern trauma and orthopaedic surgery owes to the fallen and wounded
2012 D Perry A century of Perthes’ Disease: Unraveling the enigma
2010 D Gordon The development of bone anchored amputation prostheses
2008 T Matthews Cellular responses in rotator cuff tears
2007 K J J Tayton Some observations on the mechanism of the slipper upper femoral epiphysis
2006 M Costa Achilles tendon rupture and rehabilitation
2005 M Ishaque The genetics of lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration
2003 J Wilkinson Pathogenesis and prevention of aseptic loosening after total hip arthroplasty
2002 P Reilly Rotator cuff tears
2001 A J Carr The genetics of osteoarthritis
1996 P C Nolan Tissue engineering - self cell therapy in orthopaedic surgery
1995 R M Atkins The pathological anatomy and consequence management of displace intra-articular freactures of the calcaneum
1994 G C Bannister Fixation of the femoral component in total hip replacement
1991 D J Dandy The development of arthroscopic surgery of the knee
1990 D P Jenkin Infection and failed wound healing following knee arthroplasty
1989 N H Jenkins The treatment of Colles’ fracture
1988 G F McCoy Vibratory arthrography and knee joint diagnosis
1987 D Ferris Alterations in the bone quality of patients with osteoporotic proximal femoral fractures
1986 G Waddell Understanding the patient with backache
1984 S H Norris Observations on the use of radio-isotopes and plain x-rays to diagnose osteomyelitis
1983 J Pooley The pathogenesis of Caisson disease related to aseptic necrosis of bone from other causes
1982 R A B Mollan On the auscultation of joints
1981 S M Eisenstein The human lumbar vertebral canal
1980 G Hall Some observations on Perthes’ disease
1979 P J Gregg Caisson disease of bone
1977 B J Main Immobilisation osteoporosis in man
1976 F T Horan The pressure distribution beneath the forefoot during walking
1975 P H Beighton Sclerosteosis
1972 M A Nelson The spinal tragedy in achondroplasia
1971 N J Blockey Osteomyelitis in children
1970 P M Aichroth The aetiology of osteochondritis dissecans of the knee joint
1969 H B S Kemp Coxa plana
1968 M H Mehta A study of infantile scoliosis
1967 C E A Holden Biological failure: delaying union in diaphyseal fractures
1966 A W F Lettin The effect of rigid internal fixation on the healing of cortical bone
1965 L Solomon Hereditary multiple exostosis, a study in abnormal bone growth
1964 M A R Freeman Muscular inco-ordination following joint injuries: the study of the clinical significance of the incapsulated nerve endings in joints
1963 P M Yeoman Traction injuries of the brachial plexus
1962 R Wynne-Davies The cause of congenital talipes equino-varus, together with a study of the functional anatomy after completion of treatment
1961 J Crawford Adams Ischio-femoral arthrodesis
1960 J A Wilkinson Aetiological factors in congenital dislocation of the hip
1959 M Makin Osteogenesis by vesical mucosal transplant
1954 R Roaf Paralytic scoliosis
1953 G C Lloyd-Roberts Osteoarthritis of the hip joint: A study of the clinical pathology
1952 F Harwood Stevenson The chemotherapy of orthopaedic tuberculosis
1951 P K Duraiswami Experimental causation of congenital skeletal defects and its significance in orthopaedic surgery
1950 W Alexander Law Osteoarthritis of the hip joint with special reference to treatment by vitallium and mould arthroplasty
1949 E Mervyn Evans Pronation & supination: The importance of the rotation element in the treatment of injuries of the forearm
1945 S Pappworth The primary treatment of lacerations of the hand
1943 F G St Clair Strange Amputations
1937 H Jackson Burrows Coxa Plana
1933 R W Butler & H J Seddon Pott’s paraplegia
1930 H C Edwards Injuries of tendons and muscles
1928 E P Brockman Club foot (congenital talipes equino-varus)
1927 J F Brailsford Deformities of the lumbo-sacral region of the spine
1924 G Perkins The diagnosis, treatment and end results of tuberculous diseases in the hip joint