Training Orthopaedic Educational Supervisors (TOES)

The BOA Training Orthopaedic Educational Supervisors (TOES) course is now running entirely online. We have fully updated our training for educational supervisors to help you prepare for the new curriculum in 2021 and learn how to supervise trainees to be the very best they can be.

Future Course Dates

BOA Regular V-TOES:

Start date: Friday 15th October

Virtual live session (through Zoom) dates:

  • 6-8pm Monday 1st November

* Delegates should ensure that they are available to attend this sessions before booking onto the course.

End date: Friday 19th November
Booking will close once all places have been filled, or on Thursday 14th October.

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TOES will be offered through two routes, and either you can join a small cohort on a paid-for course (‘Regular TOES’) or in many regions we are holding a ‘regional TOES’ at the request of the TPD:

  • Regular TOES courses will have lower numbers of participants compared to regional courses and will be given greater moderation by faculty, and tailored interactions between faculty and participants based on the needs of the cohort.
  • Regional courses will cover high numbers of participants on each programme, with TPDs and College tutors joining as faculty. The new curriculum will require more collaboration between departments within deaneries and the BOA Regional TOES courses will be supporting this. These courses are being delivered as part of a BOA-led national strategy to support implementation of the new curriculum – this commenced in December 2019 and will be delivered in those regions where requested and organised by the TPD (check with the TPD for your region if you aren’t sure).

Course Fees:

REGULAR TOES: The course fee for is £200 for members (£300 for non-members). Fees are due and payable at the time of registration. Please note that once a place is confirmed, there is a no-refund policy as the budgets are too tight to cope with any last minute cancellations.

REGIONAL TOES: Regional programmes are not charged, as this is curriculum support work provided by the BOA to support training, trainers and trainees. If you are interested in participating in a regional TOES, please contact your TPD to check whether they are taking up this option.


No more box ticking and number crunching. Life for you, as a trainer should be better and richer from August 2021. All the curriculum work over the last 3 years is coming to fruition.  It will address concerns expressed by many trainers about the over refined structure of ISCP: of tick boxes and forms. Our trainees need to acquire professional judgement, insight, leadership, and the ability to work with others, alongside the operative skills required to be a safe surgeon. The new updated curriculum should help us do this more effectively.  This 9 hour TOES programme is designed to help Educational Supervisors make the necessary changes work for them and their trainees.

Course Structure

We will use:

  • A learning log distributed through email with feedback from the moderator and cohort colleagues, to achieve learning outcomes through a set of screencasts and activities you complete at your own pace.*
  • Zoom for one 2-hour live session for teaching simulations with feedback, and discussions.  

The total amount of time required to complete the course will be around 9 hours.

*Participants should complete the BOA TOES course within 6 weeks of the start date. Regional TOES participants will have longer to complete the course due to higher numbers.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Summarise changes to the T&O curriculum and how these will affect you
  • Make the best use of assessment tools including the Multi Consultant Report
  • Integrate the new Capabilities in Practice and Generic Professional Capabilities
  • Plan how to conduct or contribute to a Multi Consultant Report (MCR)
  • Make best use of their trainer portfolio
  • Use assessment of reflective writing to maximise trainee progress

The programme will be facilitated by Lisa Hadfield-Law, the BOA educational advisor. Over the last 20 years, Lisa has trained over 15,000 T&O surgeons, from 68 countries, to teach.  She trained as a virtual teacher in 2016 and has run over 30 fully on line programmes.

Booking terms:

By booking onto this course you consent to:

  • The BOA Privacy Policy found here
  • The use of your work/personal email for distribution of the learning log and communications with the moderator and cohort colleagues
  • The use of your email to be added to a Curriculum Updates Mailing List, which you are able to unsubscribe from at any time
  • The use of Zoom for the virtual live sessions required for course attendance
  • Sharing any of your own, or others, personal details in any of the above software/programmes is not permitted



  • I'd go so far as to say that this is far superior to the more traditional course with face-to-face contact time. I think you've done an outstanding job. 
  • Really enjoyed the course. I don't know how you manage it all.
  • Will recommend highly to colleagues.
  • A really good way of maintaining CPD while away.
  • I have found the course to be excellent & I've been extolling it's merits to all who will listen! 
  • Virtual is the way forward, this helps to work around ones own schedule and be safe. The virtual