BOA Standards for Trauma and Orthopaedics (BOASTs)

BOASTs are short standards documents that are downloadable and can be printed for display in hospitals. The first BOAST was published in 2008, overseen by BOA Trauma Group, and with the acronym defined as ‘BOA Standards for Trauma’. More recently, the BOA has developed the meaning of the acronym to BOA Standards, to allow a wider remit of BOASTs to include all aspects relevant to Trauma and Orthopaedics.

There are now different types of BOASTs published by the BOA: Trauma BOASTs, Elective BOASTs and Specialty BOASTs (which are sub-specialty specific, and lead by the relevant Specialist Society). We also maintain a record of past BOASTs that are no longer considered to be current, which can be found under ‘Archived BOASTs’.

You can download a PDF of each BOAST by clicking its title below, or you can read summaries by accessing the dedicated page for each category through the menu.

Trauma BOASTs

Elective Care BOASTs

Specialty BOASTs

Archived BOASTs