Recertification for BCC Holders


In order to meet the requirements of the BOA Casting Sub-Committee and to continue in the active steps towards health profession status, it is essential that all British Casting Certificate holders recertify every 3 years post exam. NHS trusts also require all professions to be registered. Failure to register could result in you breaking the contractual agreement with your employer and can result in pay issues.

RECERTIFY ONLINE  - Recertification will open 01/06/2024 to 30/09/2024

Fee for recertification is currently £70.00 for 3 years registration.

Contact: BCC Database Manager
Telephone: 0207 406 1759
Email: [email protected]

Online Recertification

Online recertification requires you to have a My BOA account. BCC Holders due to recertify or who are lapsed will be notified by email. Recertification will open online on 01 June each year and will close on 30 September.

If you have not received the email, we may not have the correct contact details for you, please contact the BCC Database Manager using the contact details above.

Confirmation of Recertification

Upon receipt of your recertification fee you will receive an e-certificate by email. Please note that we no longer send card copies.

Continuing Professional Development

BCC holders must keep an up to date profile folder, the Casting Sub-Committee can recall these folders for examination at any point. You must record the hours worked in practical casting since last renewal, which must be more than 150 hours over the three year period. You must record details of your Professional development. The requirements are 5 days or 35 hours of relevant study within 3 years.

Examples of Professional Development:
  • attendance at study days, conferences and workshops with evidence of reflection
  • evidence of private study or learning activity
  • undertaking research
  • publication of articles
  • giving presentations at conferences or workshops
  • recorded ‘reflective practice’.

Failure to Recertify

Registration will expire after 3 years at the end of May. If you fail to recertify by the 30 September you will be placed on the lapsed register, this may mean you are not fulfilling your employer’s contractual agreements.

If you are not currently practicing

Inform us as soon as possible, you will then be placed as ‘lapsed’ on the casting database. 

If at a later stage, you return to work within a casting environment you will need to apply to the Casting Sub-Committee, satisfy the Committee’s recommendations on how to return to practice and you will have to pay the recertification fee. If you wish to return to the live register, please contact the BCC Database Manager.

Finding your current status

If you are unsure of your current status please contact the BCC Database Manager.

Updating your Personal Details

If you have a My BOA account set up, you can update your details through the My BOA portal under 'Update my details and preferences'. Alternatively, please contact the BCC Database Manager.


Code of Conduct

BCC holders are expected to follow the Code of Conduct from the BOA Casting Committee.

Information for Employers

The British Orthopaedic Association maintains a Register of holders of the British Casting Certificate. Employers can check their employee’s status by emailing: [email protected]