British Casting Certificate Holders


In order to meet the requirements of the BOA Casting Sub-Committee and to continue in the active steps towards health profession status, it is essential that all British Casting Certificate holders recertify every 3 years. NHS trusts also require all professions to be registered. Failure to register could result in you breaking the contractual agreement with your employer and can result in pay issues.

For more information on how to recertify please click here.

Contact: BCC Database Manager
Telephone: 0207 406 1759
Email: [email protected]

Code of Conduct

British Casting Certificate (BCC) holders are expected to follow the Code of Conduct from the BOA Casting Committee.

Assessing Casting Techniques for Surgical Trainees

Casts applied by surgeons could be better. The traditional approach to training in the art of casting has been inadequate, and British Casting Certificate holders are encouraged to engage with surgical training and assessment. The BOA have created a 10 minute screencast for holders of the BCC and T&O trainees, aimed at collaboration between the two groups to drive up standards of casting in the UK. Viewers are briefed about how best to use the T&O curriculum and one of the ISCP workplace based assessments to structure learning and assessment. To view the video, please click here.

Casting Standards and Guidance

Guidance for casting practice in the current COVID-19 pandemic

The BOA Casting Committee has written guidelines to help with casting practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. These can be viewed here.

BOA National Casting Standards

The aim of these casting standards is to guide and assist practitioners who wish to set local standards and to monitor their practice, identify opportunities for improvement and to evaluate change. In addition, it aims to provide information to increase understanding amongst managers about the nature of casting. The standards can be viewed here.