John Kirkup.JPG


John Robson Kirkup

17th March 1928 – 17th March 2024

Obituary by Ian Stephen

R Montgomery.jpeg


Richard Montgomery

5th May 1955 – 28th August 2023

Obituary by William Eardley

Asif Saiffudin.jpg


Asif Saifuddin

16th November 1959 – 19th August 2023

Obituary by Sajid Butt

Kar Hao Teoh.png


Kar Hao Teoh

22nd January 1983 – 3rd August 2023


Rolfe Birch_IMG_9832_1.jpg


Rolfe Birch

1944 – 22nd May 2023

Obituary by Michael Stewart


Tim Morley 1.jpg


Timothy Rowland Morley

18th March 1939 – 11th January 2023

Obituary by Michael Edgar and Michael Sullivan


Dame Clare Lucy Marx

15th March 1954 – 22nd November 2022

Obituary by Mark Bowditch and Deborah Eastwood




John William Metcalfe

15th July 1936 – 20th October 2022

Obituary by James Metcalfe


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