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Tuesday 18th June 2024

18:30 UK 19:30 CET 20:30 Ukraine

Topic: Application of microsurgery in military trauma
Chair: Andrii Lysak
Co-Chair: TBC
Speaker: G Lawton

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Below you can find all BOA webinars and online resources


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Recorded Webinars

View all past recorded BOA webinars here, including CESR pathway, Neurodiversity, Race & health, COVID and Support for Ukraine.

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General Battlefield Trauma Resources

The BOA has created a series of generic videos on battlefield trauma.  This project has brought together recognised experts with deployment experience, covering a wide range of topics relevant to the management of battlefield trauma.

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Paediatric Battlefield Trauma Resources

To further support surgeons throughout the world who are working in military conflicts, the BOA has created a series of generic videos on paediatric battlefield trauma from recent webinars it has recently hosted with collaboration from BAPRAS. 

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Orthopodcasts are a series of podcasts addressing a wide variety of trauma and orthopaedic (T&O) topics, often not found elsewhere. Each Orthopodcast is a short conversation with an expert (10-15 minutes): not repetition of a book chapter or research paper, but dialogue that will be easy to listen to and digest.

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A number of screencasts covering topics such as Cauda equina syndrome, diabetic foot, ankle fractures and assessing casting techniques are available to watch here.

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Training Videos

The BOA have discussed how trainers might use easily accessible means of recording their commonest operations, with a view to providing trainees with in-house resources that would allow them to prepare for theatre lists. Using funding from the BOA, Malek Racy has created 3 high quality examples for us to view.

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Reflection is the ability to critically analyse what you have done with a view to improve practice in the future. In this video, Lisa Hadfield-Law, offers some insights on the importance of reflection skills and how to put them into practice effectively.