General Battlefield Trauma Resources

To further support surgeons throughout the world who are working in military conflicts, the BOA has created a series of generic videos on battlefield trauma from recent webinars it has recently hosted with collaboration from BAPRAS.  This project has brought together recognised experts with deployment experience, covering a wide range of topics relevant to the management of battlefield trauma. This content will be relevant to the provision of assistance in areas of conflict, independent of geo-political considerations.

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1. Ballistic trauma: Tips, tricks and pitfalls


2. Initial surgical management of battlefield injuries
3. Compartment syndrome and fasciotomy in a military context
4. External fixator principles and simple flaps for battlefield casualties
5. Management of bone defects in a conflict situation
6. Intra-articular ballistic injury
7. Amputation in a military context
8. Long term management of the military amputee


9. Lower limb peripheral nerve injury


10. Battlefield pelvic trauma


11. Management of abdominal trauma in a military context
12. Management of thoracic trauma in a military context


13. Paediatric battle casualties


14. Acute management of burn injury in conflict


15. Non-thermal burns


16. Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats


17. Battlefield injury and infection
18. Management of conflict-acquired bone infection


19. In harm’s way; caring for surgical teams in war


20. Recognising and caring for military personnel who develop PTSD


21. Implants and late reconstruction