How do TPDs schedule a UKITE sitting for trainees in their programme? 

The BOA UKITE Team will contact TPDs to request schedule preferences for their programme, these are accommodated wherever possible. 
UKITE sittings are spread over an eight day period in order to accommodate the scheduling needs of different training programmes, but also to prevent capacity issues on the servers hosting UKITE. 

Do TPDs need to book a venue for the UKITE exam?

Yes, TPDs need to book a venue where trainees have access to computers and a stable internet connection for the exam.

Who is responsible for overseeing the exam?

The exam is invigilated by a TPD or a nominated invigilator. 
UKITE content is password protected and it will be the role of the TPD/nominated invigilator to provide trainees with the password just before the exam begins. The UKITE Team will provide the access password to the TPDs approximately a week before the exam. 

Can trainees sit UKITE from home/a non-invigilated venue?

Yes. Trainees who want to sit from home/a non-invigilated venue should organise this with their TPD. The TPD will need to provide the access password to any trainee not sitting UKITE at the invigilated venue.

Do trainees need to pay for UKITE?

UKITE is free for BOA members provided their BOA subscription is up-to-date.
New members need to apply for BOA membership by 30th September 2019 and complete their payment by 31st October 2019 to be eligible for free registration for UKITE 2019.
Non-BOA members need to pay a £150 registration fee. 

How do trainees register for UKITE?

Registration for UKITE 2019 is open. The deadline has been extended to midday on the 5th December 2019.

Prior to the exam, what do TPDs need to do?

TPDs should ensure that their trainees register for UKITE and that they have received the email with access information prior to the UKITE sitting. 
TPDs are also responsible for ensuring they have a suitable venue with computer and internet access for the exam.

Regular communication is sent from the BOA UKITE Team to TPDs. Please contact with any queries. 

On the day of the exam, what does the TPD/nominated invigilator need to do?

UKITE is delivered via the BOA Learning Hub. All trainees who have registered for UKITE will be sent information regarding accessing the BOA Learning Hub. Trainees will need to login to the Learning Hub and be provided with the access password in order to start the exam (this is sent from the BOA UKITE Team to TPDs a week before the exam).

TPDs/invigilators should inform trainees that the exam will automatically time out after the allotted time has expired. Trainees can submit their exam before the time allowance has expired if they have completed the exam. Trainees will be prompted to fill out a feedback form at the end of their exam, this will appear after the UKITE questions have been completed. They will then see their provisional result on screen (results may be subject to change following post examination analysis, confirmation of results will be sent to trainees by email). 

Do TPDs have access to the results of their trainees? 

TPDs will be sent a report following UKITE. This will include results information of any of the trainees from their programme who have opted-in to share their result. The BOA is not able to provide information relating to the result of any trainees who have not agreed to result sharing. 

An overview report relating to UKITE will also be sent to all TPDs with aggregated results data. This will not contain any individual identifiable information.