Specialist Societies

The specialty that is Orthopaedia, was born out of the vast, tragic loss and disfigurement of limb, caused by the conflict of the First World War in 1914 – 1918. Since this time, through systematic research carried out by dedicated pioneers, the advancement of the science, art and practice of orthopaedic surgery has accelerated beyond even the wildest imaginations of those first few pioneers, the 12 founding fathers of our Association.

Today, the wealth of knowledge that we have gathered over the years about our bodies and the importance of how the musculoskeletal framework underpins all that we dream and aspire to carry out in our lives is so great, that many orthopaedic surgeons find themselves dedicating their training and practice to one specific sub-specialty in order to gain the highest level of expertise possible.

We are proud to list our 24 affiliated Specialist Societies. Each of these societies operates autonomously from the BOA but which are brought together in a symbiotic relationship by our Board of Specialist Societies (BSS) to advance our collective understanding of knowledge. We do provide a level of administrative support to the majority of these societies, although this dynamic is changing to reflect new business requirement through alternative models of support based on the BOA infrastructure. You can view the BOA's strategy online at www.boa.ac.uk/about-us/strategy.

The following links take you to a brief snapshot of each of our societies. For further information, please contact the society direct:

Please find a list of all the current Specialist Society-funded Fellowships here.