What to expect

Please ensure you have read the below instructions thoroughly well in advance of your intended UKITE attempt.

UKITE Exam Access

If you have registered for UKITE by the 30th November, you will receive an email approximately 48 hrs before the UKITE window opens in December from the UKITE Team ([email protected]) with the subject “Access Information for UKITE 2023”.

This email will contain the link to access the exam and your unique one-time access code. The key code is single-use and unique to you, you must not share it with anyone else.

The email will look like this:

Keycode email 2.png

If you have not received this email by 08th December, please check your junk/spam folders. If you cannot find this email, please contact [email protected]

If you have any questions or queries, please direct them to [email protected].

Late registrations will be processed as soon as practicable to provide access to the exam portal, this usually takes one business day. We cannot guarantee that access can be provided same-day or in time for any scheduled exam sitting.

Preparing to take the exam

Your keycode will only allow you to access the exam once, so you will need to plan to take the entire exam in one sitting. Please allow a minimum of 3 hours to allow plenty of time to access the portal and complete the exam.

Please plan to take the Exam somewhere quiet with a stable internet connection. You will need an internet speed of at least 512Kbps. Please note that 3G network cards may not guarantee a constant bandwidth and might not meet the minamum requirements.

Before you start your exam please check your computer is exam-ready with the settings outlined here: https://help.surpass.com/resources/system-requirements/#4

To access your exam you need to have the latest version of one of the following internet browsers:
·    Safari
·    Google Chrome (except for on Apple Mac)
·    Mozilla Firefox
·    Microsoft Edge
Note: If using an Apple Mac, please use Safari and not Chrome. It is advisable to allow pop-ups

The below information lists the minimum computer system requirements for accessing your exam:
·    Processor: 2.33GHz CPU
·    RAM: 1GB
·    Bandwidth to the Internet: 512Kbps
·    Screen resolution: 1280x768
·    Graphics card: at least 64MB of memory
·    Screens should be scaled to 100% for administration and delivery.

We recommend using a two-button mouse and keyboard but these are not required.

It is now possible to take UKITE on a tablet running the latest Android OS or iOS/iPadOS releases

On the day

When you are ready to start your exam, please access the exam platform using the link () and keycode in your Access Information email.

Set the language to ‘English (UK)’ from the drop down:

2022 chose language resize.PNG

Enter your unique 8 character keycode when prompted. You will be asked to confirm your details, including name, training grade and deanery  and accept the code of conduct.

For 2023, the exam will be split into two sections of 70 questions each. 

Candidates will have 1 hr 10 mins to complete the exam questions in each section (2hrs 30 mins exam time total) unless additional time has been agreed with the UKITE team. 

Between sections, candidates may take a break of up to 10 minutes to allow them to get a drink, use the bathroom etc. Please ensure that you are happy with your answers for section 1 before clicking “finish section” as you will not be able to return to the section once you have moved on. If you do not wish to take a break, you may go straight to section 2 by clicking “resume test”.

Exam navigation

Each question will have 5 possible answers, please select the single best answer for each question by clicking in the box, your selected answer will be highlighted.

Question view answer selected.PNG


Use the “back” and “next” button in the lower right-hand corner to move between questions or select a specific question number from the left-hand menu. Questions you have selected an answer for will appear dark blue, unanswered questions will remain light blue. You can “flag” questions to come back to using the button next to “back”.

The “cog” button in the bottom left will allow you to select the display settings (colour etc.) for your exam, e.g. if you require a yellow background for accessibility purposes, you can set this here.

View settings (2).PNG

Next to the cog, the “grid” button pops up the section review panel to view all questions in the section. Use this to check you have answered all the questions, or to go back to flagged questions:

Section review (2).PNG

As you go through, your progress will update in the bar at the top, you can also see how much time you have left here.

When you are happy with your answers for all questions in the section, click “Finish Section” in the top right corner. Please make sure you have checked all your answers as you will not be able to return to the section once you have clicked “Finish”.

When you have finished both sections, click “Finish Test” and you will be taken to a short feedback form. Once you have completed this, please click “Finish Test” again. You will get a message:

You will get an indicative score as a percentage at this stage. This is a provisional result only and is subject to change in the final results analysis. You will receive your final result by email once all results have been confirmed (likely to be mid-January).

After the Exam

At the end of your exam, you will see an indicative score. Please make a note of this if you need to refer back to it, as you will not be able to return to this page. The UKITE Team will not be able to assist with scores during the UKITE window.

After the UKITE window has completed and all candidates have attempted UKITE, the BOA Team will receive raw scores from the examination platform for analysis. We undergo a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure the results are accurate before releasing them to candidates.

You will receive your final result by email including a breakdown of result by sub specialty category once all results have been confirmed (likely to be mid-January). If you opted-in to share your results with your TPD, they will receive the same information. You will also receive your answers and the correct answers for each question to assist your learning in combination with the question paper, which will be available for one month after final results are released.

Aggregated results data will be shared with all TPDs. This does not contain any individual identifiable information.

If you have any comments or concerns, please contact [email protected].


If, after reading the above, and our FAQs, you still have queries, please feel free to contact [email protected]