Workforce Surveys

The BOA have undertaken two surveys to help us map out the UK T&O workforce (current and future) and the impacts of Covid across our community. The survey has now closed and we are analysing your responses. Thank you to the over 1,000 of you who responded to this call for feedback.

Your responses are enormously helpful to us. They will allow us to contribute these views in senior stakeholder meetings we attend, in policy and consultation responses we prepare, and for position statements and media enquiries. We intend to bring members some headline findings from our survey at the BOA Congress in September

Consultants, SAS surgeons, theatre nurses and aneesthetists

The BOA thanks all our members for their help with a survey of Home Fellows, Home Members and SAS members currently working in the NHS, regarding current working arrangements and tackling waiting lists.

The survey will help us to gauge how the membership currently views the prospect of increasing working hours over the weeks and months ahead. It also asked questions about retirement and career intentions, in order to help us estimate how the workforce is likely to change over the coming years.

This survey is now closed

Over 600 people have responded.


Trainees & Post-CCT

The BOA and BOTA joined forces to ask all Trainee and Post-CCT members about their current working arrangements and future career intentions, as part of a wider project the BOA is doing to understand the current and future T&O workforce. Thank you to trainees, post-CCTs and our TPDs who helped spread the word.

This survey is now closed

Over 400 people have responded.