BOA Travelling Fellowships - Closed

Applications are now closed

The BOA endeavours to provide exceptional educational training opportunities for its members throughout each stage of their careers.

Every year, the BOA offers a number of Travelling Fellowships to its members. These fellowships offer a unique opportunity to visit overseas centres of excellence to gain knowledge, experience and a different cultural perspective within trauma and orthopaedic surgery. We are keen to ensure this opportunity is available to our members this year, but have felt it necessary to make some changes to the scheme, which are outlined below.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak causing uncertainty surrounding travel, the following specific arrangements will apply to the 2020 BOA Travelling Fellowships:

  • Your proposed fellowships must take place in the UK and Europe only.
  • We normally ask that travel is booked as far in advance as possible, but in these circumstances we will be understanding towards later bookings where there is uncertainty about travel. We still ask fellows to travel as economically as they can and within the funding amount offered for the fellowship if successful.
  • The BOA has also extended the period of time in which successful applicants can take their Travelling Fellowships in order to offer more flexibility in this time of travel uncertainty. Successful applicants should commence their fellowship within 12 months of being awarded (with awards due to take place in December 2020).
  • The BOA are only accepting Fellowship applications which are up to 6 weeks in duration.
  • If you are a Home Associate member already taking part in an extended fellowship (6+ months) in another country, we would also consider supporting an short (2-6 week) additional fellowship in a closely located city or country – please contact us to discuss options before you apply.
  • We encourage you and your hosts to be innovative in planning for undertaking a fellowship; the significant waiting lists for surgery in the UK may affect the ability of some centres to offer fellowships if they need to focus on delivery of patient care. Please use your application form to tell us what you would seek to learn and how, especially if there is less operating time than might otherwise be the case.

Applicants should consider the following before applying:

  • In the event that the fellowship cannot go ahead at the planned time, your TPD should be able to accommodate you in your usual placement
  • The host of the Fellowship needs, as best as possible, to be able to guarantee that the normal learning outcomes will be met
  • It is preferable for the intended Fellowship to have a track record, rather than to being unused to hosting fellows
  • The host country should have an established contingency plan to cope with any second wave of COVID 19.

We award at least 13 fellowships, allocated on merit to current BOA Home Associates, Post-CCT members or SAS Surgeon members. Applicants must be up-to-date with their subscription payments, and Post-CCT members are eligible as long as they have not taken up a Consultant post or been appointed to one by the closing date.

We are grateful to the fellowship sponsors of 2020, as follows:

  • ZimmerBiomet (8 fellowships)
  • Heraeus (1 fellowship on infection in memory of Andrew Sprowson)
  • Post-Graduate Orthopaedics (1 fellowship)

We also recognise the endowments set up through donations and/or bequests from past members Mr Soli Lam and Mr Chatterjee.