Current Surveys

Please see a number of independent research surveys below. The researchers involved would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete these by any deadline dates given.

Prevention of Surgical Site Infection: A Global Pan-Surgical Survey of Practice

The PRESS (Prevention of Surgical Site Infection) is an international, mutliple specialty survey examining current practice in the prevention of surgical site infection. The goal of the survey is to understand variations in practice both geographically and between specialties, and inform further research.

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Developing an acute knee injury assessment tool: Cambridge Knee Injury Assessment Tool

The Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics at the University of Cambridge is undertaking a study to identify the priorities in diagnosing, treating, and risk-stratifying knee injuries, as perceived by healthcare professionals in acute settings. This study is seeking the expert opinion of key stakeholders in this area, including physiotherapists, emergency nurse practitioners, general practitioners, sports medicine physicians, radiologists, and orthopedic specialists. This research will be used to guide the development of a risk stratification tool that aims to ensure a more focused and informed approach to the diagnosis of acute knee injuries. Subsequently, this will help guide management pathways to promote time and cost efficiency for both patients and healthcare providers.

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