Current Surveys

Please see a number of independent research surveys below. The researchers involved would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete these by any deadline dates given.

Imposter Phenomenon in T&O Surgery

Imposter Phenomenon is a subjective experience of self-doubt despite achievements and qualifications. It is common among high-achieving individuals in goal-oriented professions that value high intellect, such as medicine and surgery.

This study is investigating the prevalence of Imposter Phenomenon among UK Orthopaedic surgeons. It has been approved by the University of Sheffield's ethics review process, and all data collected will be held by the University. By answering this survey, you can help us advance research in this field with the aim of supporting surgeons in their work.

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Prevention of Surgical Site Infection: A Global Pan-Surgical Survey of Practice

The PRESS (Prevention of Surgical Site Infection) is an international, mutliple specialty survey examining current practice in the prevention of surgical site infection. The goal of the survey is to understand variations in practice both geographically and between specialties, and inform further research.

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